Autoamerica Autoproducts training direct from the source (factory)


Automerica Autoproduts held another factory-direct training for shopkeepers in the city of Colombo, in the first week of May. The event was attended by salespeople from the Campos Gerais region of Paraná and also from Rio Grande do Sul, who received technical guidance and used the products in demonstrations, with the aim of sharing the knowledge acquired with their customers, in their respective stores.

According to the technician from Automerica Autoprodutcs from the Paraná region, Marinaldo Ballão, the action that provides training directly from the factory (source) aims to enable customers to use them in the best possible way, clarifying in depth the solution of the products that the Autoamerica Autoproducs produces, in addition to being rewarding and important work of technical support to professionals.

“This action multiplies knowledge, because by qualifying them (technical salespeople) we manage to extend this technical work and take it to the extremities of our country, which is quite large. So it’s fundamental and it’s part of the constitution of our company with our products, so that the information reaches the end correctly”, he highlights.

According to Marinaldo, it is not enough for the product to be born and well developed in the laboratory, the professionals who are going to use it have to be well informed so that they can use it with excellent performance. This training is a pilot project that began to be applied this year at one of Autoamerica’s factories and has already been attended by dozens of professionals.

“We are in the first training sessions of many that will take place at this Automerica unit (Colombo). It is not a one-off training, also because our product portfolio is being renewed and, with that, new training will be needed to update this entire team”, he adds.

FUTURE – With the expectation of reaching all Autoamerica Autoproducs’ technical salespeople, the pilot project has two formats, the main one being to bring people from Brazil, regardless of the region, into the company Autoamerica. While the other, carried out simultaneously, will be with our other technicians around Brazil, who will carry out these trainings in their respective locations.


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