Ceará is the winning state of the Automerica polishing kit draw

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More than three thousand kilometers. This is the distance that the Automerica Autoproducts polishing kit will travel until it reaches the winner of the draw, Agenor Braga polisher, who lives in the capital of Fortaleza, Ceará. The draw was held last Wednesday (15), via the Simpliers platform, and had the participation of more than a thousand followers, which provided about three thousand comments, reaching the four corners of the country.

The Automerica Autoproducts polishing kit was proposed with the aim of valuing and highlighting the return of the original Fast Cut formula, according to Autoamerica group marketing manager Rodrigo Montanari. “To carry out this relaunch, we thought of a raffle that would be enough to popularize the product’s image. As it was already a successful product and had already been accepted, we wanted to move the follower public so that they would post more photos of using our product. Then something very unusual happened. The prize actually won was Autoamerica, as the winner was a guy with fantastic energy who infected everyone on our team”, he highlights.

Agenor Braga commented that he was surprised when he learned that he was the winner of the Automerica giveaway when he received the message on Instagram. For the polisher, this award comes as support and is also an opportunity to expand their business, which still does not have a structure with a specialized studio and, therefore, uses its expertise to carry out its services, and these materials will be very useful for carrying out the activities.

“I do all my services with love and care in the middle of an avenue. I keep my tools in my mother’s garage and do the washing, technical waxing, polishing, internal cleaning and everything in the middle of the avenue, and under a tree that I bought and planted. Until today I take care of it because it is my base to have a good shadow. Even so, I’ve never had any complications from a customer saying it’s bad, because when you do it with love it’s different from when you just want to earn money”, explains Agenor Braga.

The prize consisted of a professional bag, a Flex PE 14-2 150 polishing machine, a 1 kg bottle of Fast Cut, a 500 g bottle of Refining Autoamerica, 1 500 g bottle of Autoamerica polish, a size 6”, a low cost refining beret and a low cost polishing beret, both from Autoamerica and size 6”; in addition to three yellow flannels 40×60 by Autoamerica.

Automerica’s sales manager, Giselle Pereira, says it’s satisfying to see Autoamerica Produtcs’ products help in the transformation process in people’s lives. “Seeing someone grow is really cool. Now, seeing that person grow with the products you manufacture and sell, as is the case with Autoamerica, fills my heart with joy. It’s great to be part of this journey and see people’s transformation process. We are very happy!”, he values.

Agenor Braga’s passion and inspiration for automotive aesthetic services began in the late 2000s out of curiosity, when his father still had a square goal. “In mid-2009, a young man passed on the street from his house and asked my father if he wanted me to clean his car seat, my father wanted to and I just watched. The boy didn’t have a vacuum cleaner and it was just a brush going back and forth, as well as a cloth. We can say that it turned out “cool”. It was then that I understood that I had to do this service, in order not to pay too. So, since 2009 I’ve been here until now, even with a small garage, which doesn’t fit a car”, completes Agenor polisher.


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