TIRE 295/80R22.5 – AD 189 from the AMULET brand

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The 295/80R22.5 AD189 by Amulet is a tire developed for heavy transport. With toothed shoulders, big blocks and deep grooves, it delivers excellent performance.

Note in the image its horizontal lines and large blocks, they help with tire traction and offer high grip to the ground, preventing slipping.

The design of the tread gives this tire high resistance to wear, heating, impacts and also reduces noise and vibrations.

Also noteworthy are its 24.5 cm tread and 22 mm tread depth, ensuring high performance on uneven terrain such as: large construction sites, quarries, mines, logging, in wet or not wet terrain.

For applications on single wheels it supports up to 3,550 kg per tire and on double wheels it supports up to 3,250 kg, it really is a thick skin tire.

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