About us

Our history begins in 2000, with the Clean Car, a carwash localized in Downtown Curitiba, Paraná, Brazil. In 2002, the partners realized that the Brazilian market still had no technical development in car care products. For this reason, they started to import products from the United States, distributed them in Brazil and they formed what is now known as the Autoamerica Autoproducts.

It was fundamental in the advancement of the national car care market.

Nowadays, Autoamerica Autoproducts distributes a catalog of products that covers all the techniques of car care products to all Brazilian regions.

Autoamerica Group
Autoamerica group is a major national player in the import and manufacture of automotive products, with success in the areas of painting, polishing, car care and tire distribution.

We bring to Brazil products with guaranteed quality and origin. 

Brands we import and distribute:

Autoamerica Autoproducts
Autoamerica Autoproducts imports major brands and manufactures professional polishing compounds, automotive cleaning and car care products, distributed throughout Brazil and Latin America.

This is the German chemical industry, world leader in polishing compounds technology.

Menzerna has many decades of know-how in formulation and production technology covering all areas of mechanical polishing.

Extensive knowledge of the raw material markets and development partnerships with leading customers and manufacturers of high-performance materials ensure its position as an industry leader.

Best-selling american brand that has products in its portfolio for cleaning all vehicle parts. From enthusiast service to more technical professionals, Mothers has a product to serve you.

Cyclo Industries is a specialty chemical company in the performance, maintenance and appearance markets. It has a worldwide presence in the automotive, heavy/fleet, industrial, agricultural and maritime segments.