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Autoamerica Autoproducts is the automotive products division of the Autoamerica Group. In this segment, the company produces, imports and distributes products for aesthetics and automotive repair.

The automotive aesthetics area was the company’s first line of business, which began with the Clean Car Express car wash, in Curitiba, Paraná, with approximately 30 internal employees. Located downtown, the company provided vehicle cleaning, polishing and mirroring services.

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In the 2000s, there was a change that redirected the business: from providing services to importing and distributing American products to the domestic market, which still lacked professional development, the organization became Autoamerica Autoproducts.

With more than 20 years of history, the group has its own line of national products Autoamerica Autoproducts and imports and distributes major brands in the sector such as Mothers Polish (enthusiast car care products), Menzerna Polishing Compounds (professional polishing compounds), Cyclo Industries (silicones, sealants and adhesives), Kovax (sandpaper and abrasives) and soon Novonol (lubricants) for all Brazil states.

Brands // Distributed

Marca liquid armor pro
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Marca liquid armor pro
Liquid Paint Protection System

Liquid Armor PRO is a new way to protect your vehicle’s paint. The result of years of development, our product ensures that even the most demanding owners will have a finish they can be proud of in the future. It is applied with an automotive paint gun.

Logo novonol
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Marcas 12

Novonol is a German company that produces high-tech automotive and industrial lubricants.

Logo kovax
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Marcas 15

Kovax is a Japanese sandpaper brand, founded in 1930, that develops innovative and high-quality abrasives for the automotive, woodworking, and other industrial sectors.

Logo cyclo
Stickers and Sealants
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Marcas 18

Cyclo is an American brand, established in 1959, that offers a range of automotive products, including silicones, glues, adhesives, and specialized products for the automotive sector.

Logo mothers
Do it yourself!
Soapy car
Marcas 21

Mothers Polish, Waxes & Cleaners is an American brand founded in the 70s, which has in its portfolio products for external care and cleaning of all parts of vehicles, catering to enthusiasts and technical professionals.

Logo menzerna
The world's best polishing compounds
Imagem destaque marcas menzerna
Marcas 24

Menzerna is a German chemical industry founded in 1888, a global leader in high-technology polishing compound formulations. With decades of experience in formulation and production technology, their product lines span across all areas of professional automotive polishing.

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