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TIRE 7.50-16LT 14PR 123/119M T305 FLAT //

14 tarps
Comfortable/Safe Travel
Its tread has circumferential ribs with deep grooves separating them. which means that on a wet track the water is drained. Always keeping the rubber in contact with the track. Reinforced and resistant structure, makes the tire keep stable. even under load, and does not suffer deformations beyond what is desirable.

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// Recycling  Required

It is necessary to provide proof of proper disposal
Of tires that are no longer useful

According to Ibama Normative Instruction No. 1, dated March 18, 2010
and according to Conama 416/09, all companies involved in the sale, distribution,
importation and manufacturing of tires must prove the collection
and proper and periodic disposal of the tires that
can no longer be used (unusable tires)

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TIRE 7.50-16LT 14PR 123/119M T305 FLAT
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