Autoamerica expands the marketing channels for Liquid Armor PRO


With the prospect of expanding opportunities through the inclusion of certified Liquid Armor PRO applicators and, more importantly, addressing questions, Autoamerica has created another means of promoting Brazil’s first liquid and removable paint protection system. This includes exclusive social media channels in addition to the company’s website. This is yet another strategy to strengthen and promote Liquid Armor PRO, which offers lower cost, quicker application, and no product wastage.

Now, general information about Liquid Armor PRO will be disseminated through profiles on Instagram and Facebook – @liquidarmorpro. This space will be crucial for the consolidation of the system, which has already been gaining ground and also opening doors for numerous applicators in the automotive painting scene. According to Rodrigo Montanari Bento, the Marketing Manager of Autoamerica Group, companies have recognized how the internet serves as a powerful channel for their brand.

“The voice and direct customer contact enhance the ability to influence and address others’ questions. That’s why we’ve thought about this change. Of course, low prices matter when it comes to products, but the concept and the benefits are more important. In this way, we’ve shifted our focus to communication with the aim of enhancing our services, for instance,” clarifies Rodrigo Montanari.

In just over two months since the system’s launch, three groups have already gone through the certification process in Paraná. This has led to an expansion in the product’s applicability, as professionals from various regions participated, including Mato Grosso, São Paulo, Bahia, Paraná, Rio Grande do Sul, and others.

MORE UPDATES – Projects related to Liquid Armor PRO communication are currently in development. This includes the implementation of an intranet registration system, which is linked to warranty provision, providing a form of protection for both the applicator and the customer. Additionally, the process of signage at the application point is underway, involving graphic materials and other forms of customer communication.

CERTIFICATION – The product is exclusive, and as such, there are certain minimum requirements for purchase, such as having a professional painting team, a painting booth, the correct equipment, and training (certification). If a professional meets these requirements, whether they are from a workshop, detailing studio, or dealership, the painter only needs to fill out the form on the official website.


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