Autoamerica Autoprodutcs technical representatives receive Liquid Armor PRO training

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With the aim of preparing Automerica Autoprodutcs’ technical representatives with the product recently launched in June, Liquid Armor PRO, the company provided training to clarify and resolve the team’s main doubts. The action, led by technician Marinaldo Ballão, took place last Monday (19), at the Prado Car automotive painting studio, with the aim of preparing the Autoamerica technical representative to answer all the questions that certification candidates may have!

According to the training instructor and technical representative of Automerica Autoprodutcs in the Curitiba region, Marinaldo Balão, this meeting was extremely important for the sequence and strategies to be implemented for the product, as it is something unique in Brazil and makes Autoamerica Autoproducts takes the lead, bringing new technologies and trends to the market.

“The team was very receptive during the training and everyone is very happy with the results that were seen during the application and removal of the film. The training had a lot of technical information that showed the difference between this product and the competition compared to others”, he explains.

The launch of Liquid Armor PRO took place last Monday and the product aims to serve the service market of dealerships, studios and specialized workshops that have painting booths. Innovation provides lower cost, shorter application time, no product waste and also more qualified labor available for application.

One of the technical representatives from Autoamerica Autoprodutcs who attended the Liquid Armor PRO training was Ricardo Sakalauskas, who serves one of the regions of São Paulo. According to Ricardo, this product will revolutionize the market, as it is of great interest to people who like to take great care of their cars and this meeting is necessary to clarify some doubts.

“The conversation and clarifications during the training were very essential to understand the process of everything. We realize that this product will revolutionize the market in this segment of protection and liquid film and can provide more services for our region”, he highlights.

Estiveram presentes no treinamento os representantes Ademir Alves Simão (Rio Grande do Sul), Audy Padilha (Pernambuco), Evandro Villatoro (América Latina), Fábio Soares (São Paulo), Félix Soares (Brasília), Jair Teixeira (Bahia), Jerry Cunha (Rio de Janeiro), José Adriano (Santa Catarina), Márcio Hiroschi (Mato Grosso), Márcio Ramos (Minas Gerais), Marinaldo Ballão (Paraná) e Ricardo Sakalauskas (São Paulo).

LIQUID ARMOR PRO – It is a liquid coating applied with an automotive paint gun that forms a resistant and flexible film. The purpose of applying this procedure is to protect the vehicle’s paintwork against stone fragments, scratches and other elements that may harm the vehicle’s external appearance.


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