First class of Liquid Armor PRO is certified

Now five professionals, located in various regions of the country, are able to apply the liquid and removable protection and painting system.

With the prospect of having qualified professionals in the use of Liquid Armor PRO, Autoamerica Autoprodutcs has already certified the first professionals in Brazil. The certification took place last Saturday (22), at the PradoCar automotive paint shop, in Paraná. Now five professionals, located in various regions of the country, are able to apply the liquid and removable protection and painting system.

This is another action by Autoamerica Autoprodutcs that aimed to prepare professionals with the Liquid Armor PRO system and also open the possibility for companies with complete painting equipment to participate in the film application market. According to the training instructor and technical representative of Autoamerica Autoprodutcs in the Curitiba region, Marinaldo Balão, the result is extremely positive.

“We at Autoamerica are very happy, because it is the realization/finalization of a product. It is the beginning of the already finished project. We spent practically five years working between the laboratory and technical parts to achieve this result and ensure the satisfaction of all our customers. It’s incredible to achieve yet another goal”, says Marinaldo.

The first Liquid Armor PRO certification class included five professionals from various states in the country, such as Rio Grande do Sul, Mato Grosso, São Paulo and others. Among them, Fernando Sampaio (Batman), from the central-west region, who left satisfied and excited to apply to his business after an experience with the technical representative from the Cuibá region, Márcio Hiroshi.

“Honestly, this system was surprising. When they talked about liquid protection using a spray gun, I thought it would be much more difficult to apply. Today, putting it into practice, I see that it is sensational and very simple. For those who have experience with painting, this will be a great experience. I’m sure that whoever gets into this business won’t regret it”, highlights the certified professional, Batman.

The experience and contact of specialized painters and Paint Protection Film (PPF) applicators add even more value to the Liquid Amor PRO system and increase expectations for the next classes, as explained by Marinaldo Balão. “The report from everyone who was present at the certification was great. They are all very excited. Therefore, I am sure that the next classes will be even more excited about the feedback from these people who were in the first class”, he explains.

Aiming at the business opportunity and also with the aim of being up to date in the painting protection scenario, José Carlos de Piracicaba was also one of the certified in the first class. “Liquid Armor PRO is new to Brazil and I can say that it is an impressive product. I am delighted with the quality and the proportion that this will direct us in the automotive market in relation to protection”, he adds.

CERTIFICATES – The professionals certified in the first class were Adriano José Rodrigues, Ramatís Gustavo Dondere, José Carlos dos Santos, Fernando Pastor Sampaio and Airan Muller Gonçalves. The next classes will be formed after analyzing the forms filled out via the Liquid ArmorPRO website. This is the only way to participate in system certification.


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