Autoamerica expands Liquid Armor PRO options with colored liquid film

Película colorida

The next stage of the product is underway, in addition to protection, it is also possible to tint the base, opening a new path in the processes of paint protection and customization.

Dyes compatible with the system are being developed, with them it is possible to choose any color for any project, without having to worry about losing the originality of the painting, as it can be removed when necessary.

According to Marinaldo Ballão technician, the colored version brings several possibilities and increases various color scenarios of cars in Brazil. “People who want to change the color of their car will be able to have this access, as in Brazil the options are more limited in color factories. In other parts of the world cars are more colorful, while here we are more traditional. The automakers themselves impose these conditions on us”, he explains.

The Liquid Armor PRO color system will be available to partners who have been certified. The color possibilities will be endless, with solid tones, those that have no effects and are considered plain; metallic and pearlized. There will also be some special effects such as chameleon tones, which vary in color.

Given this scenario, another benefit with a colored version is the possibility of customization, according to Marinaldo Ballão. “For example, when a car did not come out with the option of a dark-colored roof, different from the standard color of the car. The professional will be able to offer this service. Changing the color of the wheels, up to the total color change of the vehicle. We will soon launch the matte option, which some brands call frozem”, he adds.


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