Autoamerica and Airpure, with a Coca-Cola line!


Autoamerica has expanded its number of partnerships in the automotive aesthetics scene. This time, the link closed with Airpure, an English flavoring factory. This partnership will bring the Coca-Cola® line of car air fresheners. A licensed product, which will be distributed in Brazil by Autoamerica, in three types of formats.

Practical to install and with a modern and elegant look, the Airpure/Coca-cola flavoring will provide better air quality in the vehicle, eliminating odors and ensuring freshness. Durability is around 30 days, with the variety of fragrances in the Coca-Cola line.

One of the available shapes is the 3D Fountain Cup design, which comes complete with ice cubes on top, making it look like a mini replica of the refreshing real thing. There’s also the vent clip design, which looks like an unmistakable Coca-Cola can and complete with a mini static ring that looks like a small can replica. In addition to these, Autoamaerica will distribute the classic car flavoring format, which is on paper.

Fill the air with that Coca-Cola smell instantly recognizable from the moment this air freshener is opened. These fragrances provide long lasting and have been combined and approved by Coca-Cola®. So you can trust this air freshener for your car as it is of quality.


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