Ecoway p1 liso 215

This tire is the ideal choice for trucks and buses, with a robust 16-ply structure it is capable of carrying heavy loads, well withstanding the high number of braking and speed recovery required in urban traffic.
The mixture of minerals in the material composition of this tire called X Grip Compound technology was developed to optimize the tires’ grip in all conditions of use, whether on dry or wet surfaces.

This tire is made to withstand high temperatures and extreme situations. Its smooth design was designed to provide a smooth and silent ride. With excellent grip on dry or wet surfaces due to its grooved design and more robust casing on the sides.

Its 17cm bandwidth and 12mm groove depth also stand out, which help with its performance and durability. With an L speed rating, which indicates that the tire can reach up to 120 km/h. It has a load index of 126, which means that the tire supports up to 1,700 kilos.

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