Liquid Armor PRO: Liquid and removable paint protection system

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New product opens doors for painting companies in the Protection Film scenario

Autoamerica Autoprodutcs has just improved the way of applying Protection Film with the creation of Liquid Armor PRO. The launch took place this Monday (19) and the product aims to serve the service market of dealerships, studios and specialized workshops that have painting booths. Innovation provides lower cost, shorter application time, no product waste and also more qualified labor available for application.

Liquid Armor PRO is a liquid coating applied with an automotive paint gun that forms a resistant and flexible film. The purpose of applying this procedure is to protect the vehicle’s paintwork against stone fragments, scratches and other elements that may harm the vehicle’s external appearance.

According to the commercial director of Automerica Group, Eduardo Culpi, this is an innovative product in vehicle film technology on the national market: “It is a new way of applying a protective film, called Liquid Paint Protection System (SLPP) , Liquid Armor PRO opens up the possibility for companies with complete painting equipment to participate in the film application market”, he highlights.

From this perspective, it is possible to verify, in comparison with similar products/services on the market, that Liquid Armor PRO has advantages, such as accepting paint correction (polishing) and also easy removal of the material. This protection film has two stages for application, the Base Coat and the Top Coat.

SYSTEM – This protection system has three products to carry out the entire process, the Base Coat, Top Coat and the Catalyst. The Base Coat is ready to use, no dilution is required, and the application settings are the same as any automotive paint product. Therefore, there is a need for a spray booth, a spray gun with a 1.7 to 1.8 mm nozzle to use with a spray opening of 80% and a pressure unit of 32 square inches (psi)/1.5 BAR. .

To form a film, eight layers must be applied, which guarantees the film’s ability to protect and detach without shattering. This is a paint protection product and is available in a 3.8-liter gallon, which can yield up to 20 m² per liter. The Top Coat+Catalyzer must be applied in two coats on the base forming the peelable film, and its purpose is to protect the film and, even so, it will provide the same shine as an automotive paint. This product is available in a 900 ml container and can yield up to 10 m² per liter.

APPLICATION – A specialist is not necessary as with conventional films, as a technical painter, who already works as a service provider, can carry out this activity. This means that companies that work with automotive painting can now include a new product in their service catalogs, participating in the protective film market. Watch the LIQUID ARMOR PRO PRESENTATION VIDEO with some steps and product features.


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