Liquid Armor PRO, the sensation of Detailer Fest 2023!

Capa - liquid armor na detailer fest

The public’s first contact with Liquid Armor PRO took place at Detailer Fest Brasil 2023, in Boituva, São Paulo. It was four days, between June 29th and July 2nd, that technical representatives from Autoamerica Autoprodutcs had the opportunity to talk about the recently launched product to the public, highlighting the certification analysis, in addition to demonstrating the product during the fair.

The public movement was great during the four days and the Autoamerica Autoproducts stand was one of the most attractive points of the event, as it was attended by countless people who were curious to know about Liquid Armor PRO, according to the training instructor and technical representative of Autoamerica Autoprodutcs in the Curitiba region, Marinaldo Balão. A situation that made the product even more valuable.

“A lot of people were really interested in Liquid Armor PRO at the fair and the vast majority exceeded expectations because the public didn’t have the information or the perception of the level of finish. The vast majority of the public who were at our stand were just to see the Liquid Armor PRO, which was the only really different product at the fair”, says Marinaldo.

Among the people who were present at the Autoamerica stand were influencers from the automotive aesthetics segment, Widnei from Wizoom and Vagner from Percepcar, who gave a brief report on the expectations of the product. Influencer Widnei Eduardo from Rio de Janeiro briefly evaluated and is already planning the scenario with Liquid Amor PRO. “It’s a product that makes a very cool film. I believe that anyone who has automotive aesthetics and is also going to start the repair part is interesting to keep an eye on. The public will see that it is a very cool market”, he assesses.

Vagner from Percepcar, from the São Paulo region, imagines using the product in his projects. “Great top! Liquid Armor PRO was the icing on the cake at the Autoamerica stand. It seems to be very good to apply to the cars I carry out the transformation”, he highlights.

The launch of Liquid Armor PRO took place in mid-June and aims to serve the service market of dealerships, studios and specialized workshops that have painting booths. Innovation provides lower cost, shorter application time, no product waste and also more qualified labor available for application.

PRODUCT ACCREDITATION – There are some minimum requirements necessary to purchase the product, which include painting experience, the structure of the cabin for application and the use of a spray gun, in addition to carrying out training. The first class for training/accreditation of the Liquid Armor PRO product will be held in Curitiba on July 22nd, with eight professionals who underwent analysis before training.

LIQUID ARMOR PRO – It is a liquid coating applied with an automotive paint gun that forms a resistant and flexible film. The purpose of applying this procedure is to protect the vehicle’s paintwork against stone fragments, scratches and other elements that may harm the vehicle’s external appearance.


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