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Automerica Gruop has signed a partnership with driver Léo Torres, who is competing in the PRO Category of the Night Challenge of the NASCAR Brasil Sprint Race. The partnership is already bearing fruit, as Léo Torres took first place on the podium on the 3rd, in Londrina. With the results of the third stage of the Nascar season, Léo remains firmly in the lead of the championship, after winning the respective heats, giving his opponents no chance.

The race took place at the Autódromo Internacional Ayrton Senna and Léo Torres took first place overall after a very exciting dispute with Jorge Martelli, from PROAM – a division for drivers or pairs with a PGC-B license, with experience or a title in national Karting and in Sprint Race (GP or AM), among others. In the decisive part of the race, Léo Torres completed 15 laps on the 3,145 meter technical route with a time of 26’59″430, with an advantage of 0″403 over his opponent. The overall podium was completed by Diego Moscato, from PRO.

Autoamerica is very proud to be well represented with Léo Torres carrying our coat of arms at the top of the podium. We are already looking forward to the next stage of the competition, which takes place on July 2nd. We will be together in Cascavel to celebrate another victory!


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