Autoamerica seeks to raise quality standards in automotive aesthetics in Brazil also with training

Treinamentos autoamerica

With the aim of increasing the quality in the use of products and also in the techniques of polishers and detailers, Autoamerica is carrying out training, courses and workshops in various areas of Brazil. This is an action that Autoamerica carries out through the company’s technical representatives, combining benefits for the entire automotive aesthetics chain, involving the store and the polisher.

Given this scenario, Autoamerica goes beyond importing major brands, manufacturing professional polishing compounds, cleaning and automotive beautification products, distributed throughout Brazil and Latin America. In other words, it takes a look at the preparation of those who will use the products, whether through social networks with technical and demonstration videos or, mainly, through the training, courses and workshops that are carried out.

According to Márcio Ramos, technical representative of Autoamerica in the Belo Horizonte region, this proposal brings benefits to all sides, the company applying, the store that provides the location and the polishers who participate. “This work actually has that whole conception of aesthetics and is having a lot of feedback on the finishing of the cars. It’s an idea/project in which I apply the concepts of aesthetics within the repainting”, he assesses.

This experience in seeking knowledge and techniques was one of the objectives of Oficina Maia Teck, represented by Clarissa Maia, who saw in her employees, after training, the evolution in the way they work and especially the effectiveness with the products. “We have an example here of a car that was completely scratched, dull and with bruised paintwork, which we were able to recover through the guidance provided by our technicians who learned/specialized in the workshop with the Autoamerica technical representative”, he explains.

This type of action – training/courses/Workshop, is carried out by Autoamerica technicians and is an old practice of the company and after completion, certificates are handed out, valuing the presence and reinforcing the Autoamerica concept/brand. The basis of the contents that are applied are mostly related to surface analysis, cleaning and decontamination, polishing processes, protections and other care. All of these situations are linked to the use of Autoamerica/Menzerna products, mainly.

It is from this perspective that the technical representative of Autoamerica who serves the region of Rio Grande do Sul and Santa Catarina, Maiquel Dimer, values ​​this first contact of people with Autoamerica/Menzerna products, with theoretical part and product demonstrations. “The objective itself is to improve the quality of professionals. We want to raise the standard of automotive aesthetics. We are fast, practical and succinct. This way, I show and prove that it really works”, he highlights.

Liquid Amor PRO– Over the last month, Autoamerica has been carrying out training/certification of the Liquid Armor PRO system, a product that is exclusive to certified painters. The objective is to prepare professionals with the Liquid Armor PRO system and also open the possibility for companies with complete painting equipment to participate in the film application market.

There are some minimum requirements necessary to purchase the product, which include painting experience, the structure of the cabin for application and the use of a spray gun, in addition to training. If you meet these requirements, whether you are a workshop, detailing studio or dealership, you just need to fill out the form on our website –

Autoamerica Group – a major national player in the import and manufacturing market of automotive products with success in the painting, polishing, automotive aesthetics and tire distribution sectors. We bring products to Brazil with guaranteed quality and origin.


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