Autoamerica presents a new release: the Fast Cut polishing compound

Imagem destaque autoamerica apresenta novo lançamento_ o composto polidor fast cut
Developed in conjunction with international laboratories, the product features versatile performance and a high level of cutting

Fast Cut is the first product launched by Autoamerica Autoproducts after restructuring the visual identity and new positioning of the company, which is established as a group to serve the automotive sector. The brand introduced the new polishing compound on May 23 during a live stream on YouTube.

The product, developed in conjunction with international laboratories, promises to be a great sales success, along with the yellow flannel (40 x 60 cm and 350 GSM), the Super Polidor polishing paste and the Triple Paste Wax.

“Fast Cut features a high level of cut, which puts it very well in the refinish market. The finish of the product is comparable to refining or polishing compounds, which reduces the number of polishing steps. For this reason, it positions itself equally well in the detailing market”, describes Eduardo Culpi, commercial director of the group.

The group has a structure dedicated to the automotive sector and is constantly growing to bring viable solutions to the national market, following the rapid and constant changes in the sector.


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